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Art ClassesArt Lessons:

At Zobie's Artwork in DeKalb, IL, students of all ages and skill levels come to learn about the different styles and mediums available to create different works of art. David’s’ classes are structured so each individual student can work at his/her own pace. His classes are kept small with one or two students in each class so he can provide individual attention to each student and tailor lesson plans to those specific students. These classes are locally available inside the public libraries in DeKalb and Sycamore, Illinois. At Zobie’s, David tries to keep pricing to a minimum, only charging $35 per hour with a 2-hour minimum. (ALL SUPPLIES INCLUDED) Zobie’s art classes are laid back, fun, and very educational and informative. To schedule an appointment today, call David at (815) 761-1735.

On-Line Classes are available now

At the site you can find David Zoberis Sr. is offering online classes in Acrylic, Drawing, Watercolor and oil painting.

Please go to and find out more about On-Line Art Workshops .


Art Workshops

Art Workshops:

Zobie's Artwork offers art workshops throughout the state of IL. David has partnered with several community libraries to offer 2 to 3-hour workshops comprised of pre-selected classes1. The participants will learn and complete works of art that were chosen by the workshop curator. David has several to choose from and is always coming up with new ideas.

Art workshops include all supplies needed to complete the project and are EXTREMELY affordable. Librarians, for pricing and payment options please contact David at (815) 761-1735.


1 Lected by library by the library staff

“Beekle, The Unimaginary Friend in the City" Workshop

Art Classes Art Classes

Art Workshops & Classes

Art Workshop

Art Workshop Art Workshop

Art Workshops Art Workshops

Art Workshops

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