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Art Brokering & Sales

Sometime over the years customers have dropped off older paintings, prints, framed sketches for me to appraise. Since the time to complete these appraisals took much time to research I was forced to either charge a minimal rate of $35.00 an hour for four hours or turn these projects away." Prior to this event the paintings seem to pile up and serious classes and painting were delayed.

I still complete appraisals but on a different note. Now the practice is to accept with an agreement of $45.00 an hour for a four hour minimum, passing on the information gathered to my clients. Sometimes I have to pass the information on to my professional worldly appraisers and overseas auction houses where their fees have to be passed to my client to get a sale.

Locally I have art "stores" who will take the piece or pieces on consignment for three months at a time, hopefully gaining a sale as well. After the initial research and results are obtained payment must be made promptly and a decision to move forward must be expressed and in writing. It's amazing the stories that come from the clients and who these artists were in real life that are presented to me.

Many customers find old paintings inside their attics from years past and have come to Zobie’s Artwork to find their value. Not too often a value can be found either a little or a lot. David has a service to help you find the value of your older paintings and prints. However, this research does come with a cost. Zobie’s Artwork charges a minimum of $35.00 an hour for four hours of initial research and if there is a wish to continue to gather more results an outside appraiser is called in and their rate is announced. Sometimes we can offer the piece or pieces to local shops within 50 miles to sell at consignment costs from which the profits are shared. Here are some examples of previous customer examples:

Art Brokering

Art Brokering

Art BrokeringArt Brokering

Art Brokering