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ArtistDavid Zoberis Sr. comes from two generations of artists. Both his grandfather and mother were accomplished artist specializing in cityscapes and clown portraits in downtown Chicago. Unfortunately, most of his family art has been lost over the years. But David never lost the passion that both his grandfather and mother displayed in their works. David learned perspectives from his grandfather combined with his mother’s application of color to become the artist that his today.

David has 4 adult children and 2 grandchildren and a lovely wife of 35 years. He received his BFA in Painting from Northern Illinois University in 2006. He is also a long time resident of DeKalb County. His art studio in located in Maple Park, IL. David provides art lessons, consignments, and murals. He has also partnered with local libraries to host different art classes that includes several different types of media suitable for all ages.

He has an extremely long list of accomplishments and awards that he has won over the years and would gladly discuss them further with you. Please feel free to make an appointment with any questions or concerns you might have.

Artist Statement

There is an action of process that begins a visual conquest charging my creative spirit to paint. The dedicated hands-on response to this event becomes a repeated cycle of drawing and painting. When the motion of making, art starts, time seems to stop and painting begins. My environment becomes the image under construction. The result is a quirky impression representation where color, light and paint are more personal than naïve. This living entity Is further enhanced with finishing touches gained through academic training to completion and a positive presentation to the world of the people and places I have been drawn to.